Subtitling guidelines in Denmark

Subtitles are the most widely used way of translating the large amount of foreign-language video content that Danes encounter every day on television, on the Internet and at the cinema. The Danish subtitling tradition is well-established and homogenous, and it differs from e.g. the American way of making closed captioning for the deaf and hard of hearing, especially in relation to condensation and reading speed. Whether you are an experienced audiovisual translator, new to the field, or maybe working within journalism or communication, the guidelines will help you to create the kind of subtitles that the Danish viewers are used to and will recognize as good subtitles. The guidelines define […]

How To Produce Quality Media Localization

Localised Web shared their input with the translation software company Wordbee in their latest blog post about what it takes to produce high quality media localization: by Tanja Falkner | Sep 6, 2018 A deep knowledge of the market and audience you’re talking to (type of clients, cultural and linguistic elements, geographical aspects, values, etc.) “Balanced Creativity,” meaning the capacity to convey the exact thought and adapt it to a specific audience without losing the original message Lajka Birkedal Hollesen, co-owner and partner at Localised Web and subtitler for Verboo and Pixelogic, explains that audio-visual translation and subtitling differs from traditional text localization in the sense that it’s more restricted and context dependent. […]

Exploring the Future of Aerospace at ILA Berlin 2018

Localised Web is participating in this year’s ILA Berlin together with 50,000 trade visitors to experience over 1,000 exhibitors from 37 nations showcase their expertise – from civil aviation to defense, security and space, and from major corporations to highly specialised suppliers. We look forward to engage with tomorrow’s business opportunities during this exciting conference agenda and learn about, digitization, big data, mobility, security, energy and new technologies – like 3D-printing, sustainable aviation and industry 4.0. ILA Berlin is an interactive business platform for suppliers and besides discussing the key issues of the future with experts at ILA conferences, workshops and seminars, we hope to establish new business contacts and market our services […]